Twist 'n' Click Pots are a standard in the fundraising world. These collection boxes are multi-functionally designed for counter top use and street collections.

Perfect for shops, bars, restaurants, schools and many other places.

Available in a wide variety of colours and complete with a carry cord and security seal they will stand out in any environment.

These boxes are very deceptive as they can hold over 500 coins and although you can't guarantee what coins you will receive, below is a breakdown of the kind of donations you could achieve.

Branding is essential these days and advertising your cause with professionally designed labels will improve visability and awareness.

Trust in a brand is cruicial, as peple will not donate if they do not believe that their money is going where it says it is, and nothing says this more than a badly designed DIY label.

From as low as £1.65 each, the Twist 'n' Click Collection Box is the perfect tool that meets all your fundraising needs. Add to it the professional wrap around labels and these little gems are an easy way to bring in those much needed donations.